The Value of Hand Grip Testing

The Value of Hand Grip Testing
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Recent studies have proven that grip strength is an excellent predictor for identifying populations at greater risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke.

In professional sports, handgrip strength is a predictor of several kinds of muscle strength – like the two upper/lower body strength and muscle endurance.

Hand Grip Testing


The best way to quantify hand power correctly is important in each these examples. 1 important element in attaining accurate results when measuring handgrip strength is rigorous adherence to analyzing protocols strengths tests. Another element that’s essential when measuring grip power picks the ideal hand dynamometer.

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If you’re trying to find a hand dynamometer for our physical treatment clinic we’d some parameters in your mind. We desired a hand dynamometer that has been:

Simple to Use and see results

had applicable applications abilities to keep results and Make comparisons
Had WiFi capacity so as to use in almost any area of the practice
When exploring we discovered that the MicroFET 2 fulfilled all our standards and we utilize it over a diverse group of physical treatment inhabitants.

A number of the treatment inhabitants the MicroFET 2 may be used to get:

Stroke sufferers: Studies have proven that hand power is a fantastic index of arm work. With a hand dynamometer, we are ready to locate a baseline and monitor progress.

Rheumatoid Arthritis:


Rheumatoid Arthritis is a disorder related to functional anomalies of their palms and a consequent decrease in muscle power. Much like stroke patients, it is important to set a score of strength and monitor treatment progress. Following a patient has had carpal tunnel surgery, it is important to assess hand grip strength to be able to asses and correctly monitor progress in physical therapy.

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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: When patients have been experiencing symptoms related to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, it is important to check to utilize a hand grip strength evaluation to assess the hands for signs of muscle atrophy and weakness.

When assessing hand grip power, it is important to get a trusted tool which helps not just test but monitor benefits. The MicroFET two is just one of these tools which are valuable when it comes to assessing, treating and monitoring improvement in physical therapy.

For patients too, knowing they have made progress is crucial to their continuing obedience and commitment to therapy. The precise evaluation results and progress particulars offered by the MicroFET two maintain professionals and patients on precisely the exact same page.

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